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Welcome to NHT Global!


The good life…it’s about reaching your goals, living your dreams, a healthy lifestyle, looking great, and feeling even better…

Does this sound like what you want out of life? How are you achieving your goals and dreams for your life, your family, and your future?

Whatever your goals and dreams are, timing is everything…and the time is right for you to take a look at NHT Global.


We are committed to offering a long-term, home-based business opportunity to families around the world.

We are committed to offering high-impact, quality-of-life products that show an immediate result from first use.

We are committed to international growth. We have launched operations in 30 countries in our first 30 months of business, a new benchmark in the Network Marketing Industry.

We are committed to you.

We thank you for the opportunity to share the journey of life. At NHT Global, our vision is about ordinary lives, all over the world, being transformed into the extraordinary…one person and one country at a time…

We invite you to take a closer look…whether you are looking for fabulous products, a proven business opportunity, or both – you have found it here…and then we invite you to join us on our pursuit to becoming a billion dollar enterprise.

This is the  web site for an independent distributor of AluraŽ, LaVie™, LexLips™, 180° Life System™ Carb-Blocker, Premium Noni Juice and Skindulgence™ products. Although other sub-distributors of ours may also have web sites, they are not authorized to make any representations or claims that are not also made on this web site. Therefore, any representation or claim made for any NHT Global product, which goes beyond, or conflicts with those presented on this web site should be disregarded. We appreciate you bringing any such web sites to our attention through the "contact us" link on this web site.

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for sales and specials!

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