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Alura - Valura - LexLips

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Alura - Valura - LexLips
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Romance only dies if you let it…

For centuries, women and men around the world have struggled to find answers to better relationships and greater sexual satisfaction. Statistics indicate that one out of every three break-ups is due to lack of intimacy. Today, intimacy has never been more promising thanks to this incredible product.

According to Dr. Dale Keeton, renowned psychologist, “When sexual intimacy is enhanced, the other dimensions of intimacy seem to improve…communication increases and thus, the overall relationship is enhanced.”
AluraŽ is a patented, safe, clear viscous compound that contains ingredients that help keep the surface of the clitoris sensitive. When applied to a woman’s genital area, it penetrates the soft surface tissue and creates an exhilarating, “cool tingling” sensation. In some cases, the continual use of AluraŽ can result in greater intimate pleasure for women. AluraŽ is a natural, topical crčme and is sold over-the-counter through the NHT Global network. And it has been evaluated by a laboratory, nurses, and other women, including physicians. AluraŽ is a 100% water soluble essence product which quickly moistens your skin and makes it feel fresh, alive and healthy. Use a sufficient amount of AluraŽ every morning and evening and massage into the skin. You will see optimum results if you use daily for 60 days. (Note: This product contains Menthol so be careful not to put around your eyes. And if you are pregnant, do not use this product).

Join the thousands of VERY satisfied people who have made AluraŽ the spice of their love lives!

AluraŽ is available in two sizes – a three-pack of introductory pillow packs for one-time use; and a convenient 15mL pump bottle.

I was a big skeptic and didn’t even want to try AluraŽ. Then I tried AluraŽ. I didn’t get a big rush the first time I used it, but the sensation was pleasant enough for this skeptic to give it a few more tries. To make a long story short, my husband and I are back to making love once or twice a week. Sex is now a physical as well as an emotional pleasure for me. But the best “side effect” of AluraŽ for me is that our newfound compatibility in bed has carried into the rest of our relationship. My husband is more considerate of me than he had been since we were dating! He touches me more frequently in non-sexual ways – something I always longed for. I guess my sexual responsiveness has made me more approachable, more lovable to him.
Cynthia - 55 years old


Valura™ is a natural herbal supplement for men designed to increase pleasure during intimate encounters.

Valura™ is a proprietary blend of natural herbal ingredients that are each accepted for their ability to enhance sexual desire and performance for men.

Herbs have long been used by ancient civilizations for natural support of the body’s optimum functions. The two main active ingredients in Valura™ are Cacao and Asian Ginseng, and are enhanced and supported in this unique formula with other herbs that are believed to help to improve circulation, oxygen and blood flow, increase endurance, calm nerves and encourage arousal. Combined in the synergistic formula…men love it, and women love the results!

Valura™ can be used when needed for those ‘special moments’ and taken as a daily herbal supplement. The effects of Valura™ can be experienced in minutes for your intimate encounters…and many men report that continuous daily use can enhance the effects!

Valura™ is available in a single-use sample pack and in a 90-tablet bottle.

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Sexy, Saucy, Seductive Lips…

Just because you weren’t born with them, doesn’t mean you can’t have them! Now you can have the smooth, full, provocative lips you’ve always dreamed of with LexLips™ enriching lip cream! Moisturize while revitalizing your lips and help them become your best feature!

• Help lips appear fuller, more supple and absolutely luscious
• Help define the edge of your lips
• Help smooth the appearance of fine lines around your lips