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NHT Global - Independent Distributors


Products: Skindulgence®
Alura - Valura - LexLips
Our Health Products
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Compensation Plan
Opportunity like this does not knock very often...

Connect to success.

NHT Global’s direct selling history can be your future success. In our first 30 months in business, NHT Global opened 11 offices around the world and began distribution in more than 30 countries. The response to our trend-stetting products has been overwhelming and the impact immediate.

• In our first year, we reached $20 million in sales.
• In our second year, we recorded $40 million in sales.
• In our third year, we achieved $60 million
• In our 2004, we topped $130 million

NHT Global is the largest subsidiary of a 13-year-old publicly held company, Natural Health Trends Corporation (trading symbol: BHIP). Recognized as the fastest growing, publicly traded company in Dallas/Fort Worth in 2004, NHT Global is setting records in network marketing for year-over-year growth and global expansion.

NHT Global has sustained such rapid growth due to high-quality, high-appeal products, a proven business model and people who are driven to achieve, and to help others achieve a better life.

Ahead of the curve, on top of the trends.
Our rule for success: we focus on helping you build a business that is based on the hottest trends of the day.

We recognized early on the increasing opportunity and influential nature of the “baby boomer” generation. This group wants to feel and look younger, they want to have

more energy and they want to live life at full speed. They are rich with potential because that are the largest consumer spending group and have the largest amount of discretionary income to spend on looking younger and feeling great. Our immediate-impact products are what this market wants and is demanding.

The window of opportunity is wide open.
Enrich other people’s lives and you enrich your own. That is the formula for more than 300,000 successful NHT Global distributors. At NHT Global we offer a proven business model, trendsetting products and a market that is ready – all of which equals limitless possibilities for you.

NHT Global will be the next GIANT in the Network Marketing Industry. Now is the time for you to act.

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Opportunity Overview

Do you want to be better off in the next five years? How about in one year? Next month?

Everyone hopes for better, but few take action.

In a group of 100 people at age 65*:
54% will be broke
36% will be dead
5% will STILL be working - SCARY REALITY!




You and us.





.But…the other 5% will have created personal wealth…HOW?

MOST are independent business owners! YOU can start your own business with NHT Global…a proven solution…TODAY, and change your future.

HOW is NHT Global a proven solution?

NHT Global has products that produce IMMEDIATE RESULTS

• Alura® - intimacy crème for women
• Skindulgence™ 30-Minute Non-Surgical Facelift
• Skindulgence™ Spa Collection - body care
• LaVie™ - healthy energy drink
• LexLips™ - lip enriching cream
• Premium Noni Juice - dietary supplement drink
• 180° Life System™ Carb-Blocker - all natural weight maintenance


• Ten offices internationally
• Distribution within 30 countries
• $20 million in sales 2001
• Nearly $40 million in sales 2002
• Subsidiary of 13-year-old publicly traded company, Natural Health Trends Corp. (trading symbol: NHLC)
• Experienced executive team


Upon sign-up, you will be given a Retail Business Center (RBC)

THREE steps to start:
• Enroll your RBC with a $100 Business Builder Pack
• Activate your RBC with your initial product order of $120 to $1,250
• Sponsor two people who do the same

THREE ways to earn:
• Retail - Buy at wholesale and sell at retail
• Direct Bonus - Earn 10% from product purchases made within your personal team
• Cycle Commissions - Based on your sales and your entire team's worldwide sales